7 Reasons Why Cats Sleep So Much. The fugs and semi fugs of the instamats

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Cats look adorable when lost in their dreams, oblivious to the world, sleeping for hours on end. But, as a cat parent, it may also concern you, and you may wonder, why do cats sleep so much? And, if they sleep so long, when do they play, join you at your table as you work on your laptop, or follow you around the house, meowing for your attention?

On average, cats sleep around 15 to 20 hours a day. Yes, they do! Their sleep time may vary as per their age. Older cats sleep longer than younger ones. And, although this is their normal behaviour, there are several other reasons why they sleep so long, such as:

  • Genes play a significant role in why cats sleep so much. Cats in the wild are predators by nature. They are nocturnal hunters who hunt during the twilight hours of dawn and dusk. The rest of the time, they snuggle up and sleep to gain all the energy they use up during hunting. And, although your domesticated cats don’t need to go hunt, as they get their favourite food served by their loving parents, they might be ruled by their genetic makeup. 
  • Energy conservation is another reason why cats sleep so much. They enjoy short naps or catnaps lasting up to thirty minutes when they are well aware of their surroundings, the sounds, and the smells. Their ears may twitch at certain sounds, and their tails may move, too. In fact, at such times, they are alert and poised for action, ready to pounce on a stray rat that may dare to enter their domain. Their deep sleep mode lasts just for a few minutes during their catnaps. 

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