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4 Reasons Why Cats Purr.The Real pack of cats bible.

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Cats, unlike dogs, are independent beings. They are mostly content with their own company. So when it comes to cats, it’s mostly us, the cat parents, who seek their attention and want their loving response to all the petting. 

It’s incredibly satisfying to get our pets to show us love and affection by communicating with us in their ways. For most people, it’s their cat purring. We always consider the sweet rasp of their purr a heavenly sound, as we associate it with them being content and pleased.

Purring is one of the most satisfying sounds that animals make, but there’s a mystery behind it. If you think contentment is the only reason cats purr, you are wrong. Although we’re not exactly sure why cats purr, there certainly are some good guesses and reasons that we’d love to share with you.

Of course, there are exceptions to every scenario, and many cats love to cuddle or enjoy their parents’ never-ending attention, but we need not tell you that it’s a bit rare. Many cats would show their joyous emotions by purring rather than cuddling.

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