Titus 3

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New Testament

1 Oh an case u forgetz, resepct teh pwrs that be, do good stuffz,

2 No lying, pwning or fightin on teh garden fence an stuffz.

3 Cos we wuz all silly, cheeky an enjoyin bad secks. Tehre wuz lotz of hating an pplz got pwned a lot.

4 But then Ceiling Cat came

5 An saveded us by peein teh Holy Spirit, maid fuzzyz wet, oh noes, do not want! An just cos he felt laik it, k?

6 Oh an Baby Jesus made lotz Holy Spirit come out, but did not eated it.

7 This meanz might live forevers tho, so not just wet furz for nothing.

8 So tehre. An keep saying it, so Ceiling Cat pplz has reason to keep doing gud stuffz. Which makes all teh pplz happeh, kthx.

9 No point arguing about all this, so wai bother?

10 Well, k, give shouty pplz 2 warnings, then say "Go away! Do not want!"

11 They prob bad pplz anyway. Srsly.

12 Oh an BTW, when Artemas or Tychicus get there, can u be coming to Nicopolis, cos ai is on ski-ing holiday. Kthx.

13 Oh an give Zenas teh lawyer an Appollos cookies an bukkits, an other helpful stuffs.

14 Pplz gotz to lern to do gud stuffz, srsly.

15 Everywun sez hai, BTW. Kthxbye.

Titus 3
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