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{{Old Testament}}
{{Old Testament}}
[[Category:Song of Solomon|Song of Solomon 2]]
[[Category:Song of Solomon|Song of Solomon 2]]
|1=I is teh roze of Sharon, and teh lily of teh valliez.
|1=I is teh roze of Sharon, and teh lily of teh valliez.

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Old Testament
1 I is teh roze of Sharon, and teh lily of teh valliez.

2 As teh lily mungst teh tornst,so'st my lovest mungst teh dotterst.

3 As teh cheeseburger tree among teh treez made of wood (wtf joo spect teh treez made of!) so is my lover (OMG, HAWT!!!)among teh bros. i has sitted down under his shadows, total pwnage, and his chzgburgrs was kk.

4 He takes me to teh chzburgr joint, so i can has fud, n his banner (tat means flag, srsly) over me is luv.

5 Stay wit me wit tose flags, comfut me wit chzburgrs, num, num. I is sick of love, srsly.

6 His left hanz are unterneats me, and he petted me wit t'other.

7 Dotters of Jerusalem, by rows and fields and hinds (watevah dose are), joo be quiet, shh! Don wake my lover up, srsly. he sleepin, kthx

8 Teh voice of my lover! Srsly, joo look, he's jumping round. Like superman. WTF?

9 My lover is a row or hart, and he is playing hidengoseek threw teh windo. I see joo!

10 Shh, he said, "Sup. OMG, let's go.

11 Winter's over, srsly.

12 It is teh spring! Tere is birdies, and flowers, and turtles is talkin. Srsly, wtfux up wit dat?

13 Teh fig tree is putteth fortheth her greeneth figgeths, and teh grapez smell nice. Get up, plz, kthx.

14 Joo is a dove, always up in teh rocks and stuff, stop hidin, let me see joo, let me hear joo, cos joo is nice, k."

15 Go catch teh fokses, teh ickle fokses, cause tey be messin up teh grapez agin. wtf, fokses? srsly, don do dat.

16 my lover is mine, and vice versa. srsly. he eats flowers, tho

17 In teh morning, be like a row or hart or hind (stil don kno wtf dose are, tho) and go to Bether. srsly, joo shoul go der.

Song of Solomon 2
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