Ruth 4

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Old Testament


Davidz fambli an kittens

13 So Ruth is wifes, penis goes where, and thay has teh kid.14 Teh womuns sez "ZOMG teh Ceiling Cat pwns becuz she has teh kid!15 "Teh Ceiling Cat gives u cheezburgr; becuz Ruth (she pwns) has teh kid.

16 Naomi is takes teh kid and gives him teh boobies and teh kid is liek "NOMNOMNOM."

17 Teh womuns is gives teh kid name and sez "Naomi has teh kid." Teh womun sez his name iz Obed; he has teh kid Jesse and Jesse has teh kid David (David iz gonna pwn, btw).

18 Perez is has teh kidz: Perez is has teh kid Hezron,

19 Hezron is has teh kid Ram, Ram is has teh kid Amminadab,

20 Amminadab is has teh kid Nahshon, Nahshon is has teh kid Salmon,

21 Salmon is has teh kid Boaz, Boaz is has teh kid Obed,

22 Obed is has teh kid Jesse, and Jesse is has teh kid David.

Ruth 4
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