Romans 15

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New Testament
Romans 15
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Acts 1 Corinthians Romans 14 Romans 16
All kittehs prase

1 Us needs to teddybear wif the fails of the week kittehs an' not eate all cheezbrgrz2 All giv yur spair cheezburgerz to teh neigbrores so dem feels goode.3 Cuz even teh Jebus didnt eate all cheezbrgrz but as ritteh: "Teh hisses of those hu hiss at u hav failed to meh."4 Cuz evrithin ritteh ysterday was sposed to teache us, so later we cud hav hopes for moar cheezbrgrz.5 Ceelin cat hu givs cookies'n'cheezbrgrz shud giv u teh hug so dat yuz cud follo Jebus,6 so that as one gaiant kitteh us cud prase teh daddie of Jebus, ceelin cat. 7 So makes nice wif all teh kittez, just like Happy Kitteh makes nice wif u, for teh gloriez of Ceelin Cat.8 Cuz Jebus helpz all teh Jooz for teh trooths of Ceelin Cat so taht all teh stuffz he sed to Moses an Abraham and all teh old gyz happenz.9 An so taht all teh otehr kittehz wud say "Ceelin Cat Pwns." Like teh old kittehz sez, "So I sez u ar Ceiling Cat, even to teh kittehz who dont sez u ar, an I prase u.";10 An teh old kittehz also sez, "All u otehr kittez say 'Ceelin Cat pwns' jus lik us";11 An tehy sez too, "Say 'w00t, Ceelin Cat!' all u otehr kittehz, an all kittehz evrywr say 'w00t!'";12 An teh doodz Isyah sez "Jessz kitten, him pwns all teh otehr kittehz, an teh otehr kittehz sez tahts good."13 So teh Ceelin Cat will makeses u feel goods an u haz lots of cheezburgerz cuz u bleev, an teh Hover Cat givez u it. k? '

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