Revelation 4

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New Testament

1 1 So, then I seez a big open heaven door. An teh invisible trumpet voice sez "C'mere. I noes whatz comin. Let me show you it."

1 2 Then, surprize Ghostee-entry! An I seez a dood on a fancy heaven chair.

1 3 The dood looked liek a shiny orange statchoo. An therr wuz a bootiful rainbow too.

1 4 All around teh fancy chair wuz lots moar littler fancy chairz wif old doodz on em. Teh doodz has white clothez and shiny crownz all on therr old headz.

1 5 Then therr wuz skeery lightninz and funderz an therr wuz 7 bukkits. Teh bukkits iz teh 7 kittehs of teh Ceiling Cat. Srsly.

1 6 Oh, also, therr wuz lotz of glass on teh floor. Therr wuz 4 aminuls wif all eyez everwherr.

1 7 Therr wuz a lion wif all eyez an a big cow wif all eyez an a dood wif all eyes an a eagul wif all eyez.

1 8 All them aminuls has 6 wingz an has all eyez everwherr. An all teh time they r sayin "Teh Ceiling Cat is so leet. Srsly."

1 9 An then, when teh aminuls sez stuff,

1 10 All teh old doodz fall down an worshipz teh orange statchoo dood. They takez off therr crownz an sez:

1 11 "Yr teh leetest, Ceiling Cat,
You can has glory an honor an power,
Cuz you pwn everthing
An you totally made em an stuff.

Revelation 4
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