Revelation 21

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New Testament
A noo ceiling and a noo urf

1 This kitteh saw a new floor and a new ceiling for their wz renovations and old floor no can haz srsly. And no seaz either which is good for teh kittehz.2 kk Ai saw a noo jerusalem come down from teh ceiling cat. Noo jerusalem look liek wedding cat3 Ceiling Cat lives in noo jerusalem with da kittehs and dey lives with Ceiling Cat.4 Don't cry kittehs you will not get wet we have no more seaz k!5 Teh ceiling cat sais Ai am making thingz new srsly.6 "Ai is front cat, Ai is back cat, ur thirsty and water u can haz!7 If u winz u getz all teh priezes.8 But if u beh afreid, nastei, bad bad kittehz, u goez wif Basement Cat. srsly bad sad an dark.

A noo Jerusalem

9 Wun uf teh sevn hovr d00dz ai wuz tellin u about sed "Ai showz u teh babi sheep's wief."10 He showded me Jerusalem which is weerd if u thinkz about it.11 It wuz shini.12 Dere wuz writin on teh doorz.13 An dere wuz twelv of dem.14 Dere wuz namez writtin on teh wall too.

15 Teh hovr d00d hadded a stik.16 Teh citi wuz squaer an kinda big.17 Teh wall wuz big too.18 An all shini.19 Teh wall was shini too.20 An colrfl.21 Teh doorz n evn teh street wuz shini.

22 No tempul tho, bcz Ceiling Cat is itz tempul.23 Itz so shini it duzint need a sun or a moon.24 Its so shini.25 U nevr haz to cloes teh doorz bcz it nevr getz dark LOL.26 Evribodi will go dere. (also its shini)27 Just teh good peeplz tho. It iz bai invitashn onli.

Revelation 21
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