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What is it?

The Push to Publish is a drive to complete the translation in a timely manner and try and get it published into an actual Bible. It won't be easy, but it may be worth it. Imagine an actual print copy of this wiki in print form, something that can be passed on and remembered.

Why Publish It?

Why not? I've gotten quite a few emails from people wishing to see this wiki published into a book upon completion, and I personally would love to see the effort immortalized into a book. Even better, if you've contributed, wouldn't it be awesome if your work got published?

Who Will Publish It?

That's the sticking point. The translation, when done, will be absolutely huge. We are talking thousands of pages with possible pictures. We'll really have to show a lot of enthusiasm and interest in order to get publishers interested in this effort.

How Can I Help?

You can help by spreading the word and helping in the translation. If you own a blog, write a blog post about it. The more people we get this to the more people will come and try and help. Internet community is an awesome power, let's see what can come out of it.

What if I'm Interested in Publishing it?

If you are a publisher and are interested, please email Zotnix and we can discuss things.

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