Psalm 95

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Old Testament

1. Letz sing to Teh Ceiling Cat, und be shurz to singz real loud kay?

2. Spend Caturday with moar musicz lol.

3. Teh Ceiling Cat are amazing.

4. Teh Worldz be in hiz pawz, and he pwnz teh mountains lyke whoa.

5. Teh Ceiling Cat also pwnz teh seas, and he are make worldz.

6. Worship Teh Ceiling Cat.

7. Teh Ceiling Cat pwnz us all, for we bee sheepz lol.

8. If Teh Ceiling Cat says "Y HALLO THAR," don't turn your insidez to rockz like those at /b/.

9. For /b/ tried teh kitty powerz, even though Teh Ceiling Catz was like "Check dis shiiit out."

10. For OVER 9000! Years, Teh Ceiling Catz was angry at /b/, and said the hartz of /b/ kept runnin away, even without legz, and don't know teh kitteh wayz.

11. Teh Ceiling Cat got mad and said "THIS IS SPARTAAAA!" 40x, and kept them from resting.

Psalm 95
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