Psalm 72

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Old Testament
Ov Solomon

1 Giv teh king wif ur justice, O Ceiling Cat, Teh royal son wif ur righteousnes.

2 he will [a] judge ur peeps in righteousnes, Ur afflictd onez wif justice.

3 teh mountains will brin prosperity 2 teh peeps, Teh hills teh fruit ov righteousnes.

4 he will defend teh afflictd among teh peeps An save teh children ov teh needy; He will crush teh oppresor.

5 he will endure [b] as long as teh sun, As long as teh moon, thru all generashuns.

6 he will be liek rane fallin on mown field, Liek showers waterin teh earth.

7 in his dais teh righteous will flourish; Prosperity will abound till teh moon iz no moar.

8 he will rule frum sea 2 sea An frum teh rivr [c] 2 teh endz ov teh earth. [d]

9 teh desert tribez will bow before him An his enemiez will lick teh dust.

10 teh kings ov tarshish an ov distant shorez Will brin tribute 2 him; Teh kings ov sheba an seba Will present him gifts.

11 all kings will bow down 2 him An all nashuns will serve him.

12 4 he will delivr teh needy hoo cry out, Teh afflictd hoo has no wan 2 halp.

13 he will taek pity on teh weak an teh needy An save teh needy frum death.

14 he will rescue them frum oppreshun an violence, 4 preshus iz their blood in his sight.

15 long cud he liv! Cud gold frum sheba be given him. Cud peeps evr pray 4 him An bles him all dai long.

16 let grain abound throughout teh land; On teh tops ov teh hills cud it sway. Let itz fruit flourish liek lebanon; Let it thriv liek teh gras ov teh field.

17 cud his naym endure forevr; Cud it continue as long as teh sun. All nashuns will be blesd thru him, An they will call him blesd.

18 praize be 2 teh lord ceilin cat, teh ceilin cat ov israel, Hoo alone doez marvelous deedz.

19 praize be 2 his glorious naym forevr; Cud teh whole earth be filld wif his glory. Amen an amen.

20 dis concludez teh prayers ov david son ov jese.

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Psalm 72:2 or cud he; similarly in versez 3-11 an 17
  • b - Psalm 72:5 septuagint; hebrew u will be feard
  • c - Psalm 72:8 dat iz, teh eufratez
  • d - Psalm 72:8 or teh end ov teh land
Psalm 72
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