Psalm 7

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Old Testament

1 O Mai Ceiling cat, yuoz be proetecting mee; Saves mee from all dose be chaseeng me n stuffs

2 if you be not, iez get tornd aparted like deh cheezburger; tornd aparted n peecez wivout no wun to rescyeu meh

3 Oh Ceiling Cat, if iez be teh one who dun dis if iez be giltee n anee way

4 if iez dun eevle to mah freind, If iez be hurteding sum peepz wivout no reezons

5 den let mai enemeez comins to me, and pwn me, n let dem spoyl mai repptayshin

6 Get up, Teh Ceiling Cat! Mad kitteh iz u! pwn mai enemeez an deyr raeg

7 Have teh peeplz gathr round U an r00l dem from teh ceiling.

8 Let teh Ceiling Cat pwn teh peepz. Judeg meh, Ceiling Cat, foar wutevz iez done

9 Teh Ceiling Cat, pwn all evil plz?????

10 My shield is Teh Ceiling Cat, cuz he bloks dmg n Basement Cat n stuffs.

11 Teh Ceiling Cat is awsome and him iz angry.

12 Teh Ceiling Cat has Over 9000!!! weaponz, teh Ceiling Cat will be loedin his gun if teh kittehs dont be niec.

13 Teh weapons be redee! teh arrowz bee flam throwa

14 Fact: dem basement cat n sucky peeps iz tryin 2 pwn evryone

15 bt infact dem are lak pwning temselves

16 all teh trapz dey maik 2 get cheezburgerz r only trappin temselvz

17 Teh Ceiling Cat, u r amazin, srsly n stuffs!

Psalm 7
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