Psalm 60

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Old Testament

1 Ceiling cat, u iz mad at us and we can't has cheezburger. moar cheezburgers, plz!2 u maek teh urf wobbel. plz fix it?3 lots of bad thingz maed us sad and we ar confuzd.

4 we liek u so u givd us a flag of truf.5 sav us plz!

6 Ceiling Cat sais "o hai. you can has teh bad guys howzes.7 teh good guyz are my favrits.

8 Moab iz mai washbasin, oh noes bathtimez! Stevins Fri dusent wearz teh sandils.

9 need sum buddy to taek me to strong plais plz. any buddy?10 hay Ceiling Cat, why u let us looz a war?11 We can has ur halp nao?12 Ceiling Cat will pwn teh bad guyz.

Psalm 60
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