Psalm 43

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Old Testament
Psalm 43
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Job Proverbs Psalm 42 Psalm 44

1 Don't taz me, Ceiling Cat!
and tellz them bad peeps I didunt do it,
saves me from teh bad man!

2 Youz all powerful and stuff.
Why u no liek me?
Why I gotta be all sad,
and let teh man keep me down?

3 Do that "Lets therr be lites" thing again.
So I can see, dood
So I can get to teh Ceiling
Where da party at.

4 Then I goes to hole in ceiling
and gives you cheezburger.
I say how cul u is, I plays a little guitar
O Ceiling Cat, my Ceiling Cat.

5 Why I so mad?
Why I all actin' a foo an stuff?
Srsly, just worship teh Ceiling Cat,
and preys him,
and he saves u, dude.

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