Psalm 41

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Old Testament

4 da director ov music. Psalm ov david.

1 blesd iz he hoo has regard 4 da weak; Teh lord delivers him in tiems ov trouble.2 teh lord will protect him an preserve his life; He will bles him in da land An not surrendr him 2 teh desire ov his foez.3 teh lord will sustain him on his sickbd An restore him frum his bed ov illnes.4 i sed, "o lord, has mercy on me; Heal me, 4 i has sinnd against u."5 mah enemiez say ov me in malice, "when will he dye an his naym perish?"6 whenevr wan comez 2 c me, He speakz falsely, while his hart gathers slandr; Den he goez out an spreadz it abroad.7 all mah enemiez whispr togethr against me; They imagine teh wurst 4 me, sayin,8 "a vile disease has beset him; He will nevr git up frum teh place wer he liez."9 even mah close frend, whom i trustd, He hoo shard mah bread, Has liftd up his heel against me.10 but u, o lord, has mercy on me; Raize me up, dat i cud repay them.11 i knoe dat u r pleezd wif me, 4 mah enemy doez not triumf ovar me.12 in mah integrity u ufold me An set me in ur presence forevr.13 praize be 2 teh lord, teh ceilin cat ov israel, Frum evrlastin 2 evrlastin. Amen an amen

Psalm 41
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