Psalm 28

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Old Testament
srsly. kittiez dat want dey cheezburgr ph33r ceiling cat.

1 HAI ceiling cat. listens to mah meowz. if u STFU,

2 how will u heer me crie "I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER NOW?"

3 i don wanna getz thrown in da hole to basement cat like teh bad kittiez.

4 take away dey pr0nz and emo music (zomgccwtf)

5 srsly, i iz not emo.

6 ph33r ceiling cat plz! it can be hugz time now?

7 ceeling cat givz meh the louder meowz and cheezburgers and he givz good kittenz cat bedz,

8 and scratchen postz. and nipz. srsly.

9 okayz celing cat i sleepz now; kthxbye.

Psalm 28
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