Psalm 24

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Old Testament
Old Testament

1 Teh worldz belong 2 Ceiling Cat, N all teh cheezburgerz N all teh kittehs.

2 Ceiling Cat made ur worldz like big water bowl, N no backwash!

3 Which lolcat brave enuf 2 climb Ceiling Cat'z scratching post? Which lolcat brave enuf to piss in Ceiling Cat'z territoreh? Which lolcat cn let Ceiling Cat in teh pet-door?

4 only teh lolcat wif bestestest tongue 4 givin bathz. N no fleaz.

5 Ceiling Cat give that lolcat cheezburgerz N cookies.

6 Srsly. kthxbye.

7 Lift teh cat flap N let Ceiling Cat in.

8 Ceiling cat are serious cat. This are serious psalm.

9 Let him in ur cat flap, srsly.

10 Ceiling Cat are serious. Let him in ur cat flap.

Itz cold in teh garage.



Psalm 24
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