Psalm 20

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Old Testament

1 OK so I hopez Ceiling Cat nevar afk wen u haz qwestionz. he protectz u n stuffz.

2 n I hopez he makez u cookiez n cheezburgerz in ceiling n sendz dem from ceiling.

3 n I hopez he exceptz ur offrinz uv hugz n invisible ladderz n stuffz.

4 n I hopez u can haz cheezburgerz liek u wantz.

5 n den we can b liek "OMG we winz!" n hug Ceiling Cat n stuffz. n I hopez he sendz cheezburger wen u liek "i can haz cheezburger"

6 Naow i no Ceiling Cat givez cheezburgerz to king he liek n anserz qwestionz n givez grate victreez b/c Ceiling Cat can do dat.

7 Sum iz liek "omg invisible bicyclez best" n sum is liek "wtf invisible steamroller nub" but we iz liek "Ceiling Ccat teh best"

8 Sum lolcatz fallz in2 bucketz n waterz n stuffz but we sitz on keyboardz n watchez fap.

9 Givez victree to king catz Ceiling Cat n give uz cookiez n cheezburgerz n stuff wen we askz. plz. but srsly, dun go afk.

Psalm 20
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