Psalm 146

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Old Testament

1 Praise Ceiling Cat

Praise Ceiling Cat, o mai sole

2 I iz in mai life praisin Ceiling Cat all teh timez

I iz singin to Ceiling Cat all mai life

3 Don't be in ur base trustin ur princez

Cuz they iz gunna die an can't do nuffin

4 When their spirits iz in teh sky returning to teh urfs

They is nuffin

5 If u gets Ceiling Cat to help you can haz cheezburger

6 Teh lolcoder of Ceiling and urfs

teh watres and teh fishes

7 He lets hungry kittehs has sammiches

8 Ceiling Cat maikz teh blind kittehs can see

Ceiling Cat liftz up kittehs on 4 legz
Ceiling Cat <3 teh right handed

9 ZOMG Ceiling Cat has seen UFO LOL an DO NOT WANT evil kittehs so he maikz dem DO NOT WANT

10 Ceiling Cat is watching you masturbate forever

Can he haz cheezburger?
Psalm 146
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