Psalm 142

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1 2 Ceiling Cat i criez an am lowd soes Ceiling Cat will haz mercii.

2 i tellz him mai problemz an wut makez meh sad.

3 when i iz full ov sad, u kno da reezun y. wherez i go 2 dere r traps 2 ketch meh.

4 look to mai rite wherez dey do not care 4 meh. i haz no wherez 2 hide bcuz dey do not care.

5 i criez 2 u, Ceiling Cat, and sez: "u r wherez i hide, an wut i needz 2 live."

6 Lissin 2 meh cuz i needz a hug. Plz save meh from da strong an mean kittehs who chase meh.

7 Plz set meh free from prizon. it iz no funz, an i needz to prayze u srsly. Den good kittehs willz luv me an give me cheezburger cuz u r nice to meh.

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