Psalm 138

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Old Testament

1 O hai! Ceiling Cat, hai lotz an lotz; hai evn afront of othr Ceiling d00dz

2 I iz all abowt rollin ovah in front of yur howse an sayn ur naem cuz yu are sweet an yur naem iz kewl!

3 When I sed yur naem, yu can haz anser; Iz can not haz scaredz

4 Yu should haz othr d00dz say yur naem. srsly, Ceiling Cat, cuz them hearded yu purringz

5 Othr d00dz shud singz abowt yur stuffz; cuz yu are kewl!

6 Ceiling Cat iz real hie up and him lookz at short peepel; but him noes them d00dz that not haz cheezburger evn wen them iz liek a millyun mielz away

7 I can haz lotz of troubel, but yu cleen my littah boxz, yu giev teh fingah to d00dz dat no liek me, and yur riet paw is teh kewlest

8 Ceiling Cat will alwaez cleen my littah boxz; Ceiling Cat, yur kewlness will last long tiem. Srsly. Plz dont forget to cleen mah littah boxz an giv me cheezburger an stuff.

Psalm 138
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