Psalm 130

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Old Testament

1 Dis place wuz teh suck so i wuz like "o hai Ceiling Cat"

2 Den i wuz all like "oi Ceiling Cat dun be afk coz i is lyk askin stufz"

3 Ceiling Cat if u iz all lyk postal cos of invisible error, iz we all fuxored?

4 But Ceiling Cat stil can giv cheezburgr if we sayz u pwn

5 I brb til Ceiling Cat sez i can has cheezburgr

6 Nvm i afk now, lyk idler in helpz room, til Ceiling Cat msg me

7 All kittehs afk waitn 4 cheezburgz cos Ceiling Cat can giv cheezburgr n Ceiling Cat giv cheezburgr to kittehs wiv invisble error

8 Wen Ceiling Cat bak from afk Ceiling Cat wil be all lyk "o hai kittehs, bout dat invisible error, lyk nvm, watevah"

Psalm 130
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