Psalm 129

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Old Testament

A karoke ov pwnd

1 mai cookies, dey haz taken, from when iz a kittah Da israels, dey agrez -2 mai kittah cookies theyz taken, But theyz not know I haz cheezburger! Win!3 dawgs dey scratched mai back. Srsly. Dez takes harz even! Ouch!4 but teh Ceiling Cat iz cool; He cut the evil wool iz entangldz in.5 cud all hoo hate da fridge Be bannd frm da litterbox, an haf dar noze rubd init.6 bcuz they be fishes not in da watah, which shrivelz up an smelz;7 so no kittah even wantz to eated dem, Srsly. No one pikz dem up. Iz dat bad!8 an dose kittah from ova da fence, dey not sez: "teh blesin ov Ceiling Cat be wif u; We hopin Ceiling Cat senz cheez burgez." Rude!

Psalm 129
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