Psalm 115

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Old Testament
Psalm 115
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Job Proverbs Psalm 114 Psalm 116

1 Celing cat-- ur name has all teh glory b/c ur mercy an b/c ur troof. Not teh cats.2 Why should teh hoomans say "I dun' see ceeling cat!"3 b/c celing cat is in teh ceeling and can has whatever. Can puke on teh carpets. Can scratch teh couch. Can sleep in teh laundry.4 Teh hoomans make toys of silver and teh gold.5 They has mouths and no can has cheezburger. They has eyes but cannot see cheezburger.6 They has ears butt no can hear toona can. They has noses but no can smell cheezburger.7 Hoomans has hands but no can feel cheezburger. They has paws but dun want bring cheezburger. They has throat but dun order cheezburger.8 Those who make cheezburger can has cheezburger. Those who trust in ceeling cat can has cheezburger.9 O hai! Isreel's house trusts ceeling cat, and can scratch teh couch.10 O hai! Aaron's house trusts ceeling cat. Aaron's house can has cheezeburger.11 Srsly, trust in teh ceeling cat, and u can sleep in teh window.12 Ceeling cat 'members us and brings us cheezburger. He brings cheezburger to aaron's house. He brings cheezburger to isreel's house.13 If you fears ceeling cat you can has cheezburger!14 Wif ceeling cat, ur bellah and teh bellahz of teh kittehz gets big and drags on teh floor.15 May you has cheezburger from ceeling cat, who maked teh basement and teh ceeling.16 Teh ceeling is ceeling cat's!!!11! He gives u teh carpet, an' u can pukez der.17 Teh ded no has to praise ceeling cat.18 We say "Kthx ceeling cat" for EVAR. Kbye.

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