Psalm 101

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Old Testament

1 I does kareoke bout ur luvs an justiss to u O Ceiling Cat, i singz prayze, u listenz.

2 I do mah bestest to not b blamed n stufs, will u no blamez me? You cant blamez me in mah owne howse. It hurtz mah kitteh harte.

3 I promiz not to lewk at pr0n. An wen I iz wonged, I no revenge.

4 I wunt hangz wit da pedos and da killahs. DO NOT WANT teh evilz.

5 But ifs mah naybor talkz da shit, I be silensing him. Cuz teh ego is bad, an i not want frenz wif egos.

6 I will lewks for da faiful peeps, they be mah frenz. An teh guy hoo not blamed, be lik a father too meh.

7 I wills not let sneekie peeps live wit meh, an i wills not stan besyde da lyrs.

8 Evwy morn I will tell da wikked two stfu, an I will not let da evildooers in da land of Ceiling Cat.

Psalm 101
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