Psalm 1

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Old Testament

1 Blessid iz da feline
 no walk in counsil of wickid,
 no place paws in path of da sinnerz,
 no sit and purr with da mockerz.

2 But der delightz in lawz of Ceiling Cat,
 an ponderz much.

3 Tehy liek treez bai teh waterz,
 dat yieldz teh good fr00tz.
 Leef duzn't wither,
 prosperz much.

4 Not so teh wickid,
 dey like chaffz
 pwnt by windz.

5 Derefor wickid doezn't standz in teh judgemint,
 or sinnerz in assembly of teh rhytchus.

6 Ceiling cat watches over whey of teh rhytchus,
 whey of wickid getz pwnt.

Psalm 1
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