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Welcom to Teh Holiez Bibul
Hai! Teh blessigs of teh Ceiling Cat b pwn u, lol! This is a new translation wiki to get the entire Bible translated into kitty pidgin (the language of lolcats). Zotnix saw a link to a picture with this done to Genesis and thought, "Why not the whole darned book?" Well, here is that effort.

Recent News
October 30th, 2007 
Zotnix, the site administrator, was just on the BBC Five Live radio programme (listen to it here).
You can now go to go to church and submit some pictures for inclusion there!
Zotnix was recently invited to ROFLCon! Help ROFLCon get exposure, digg it up here please!
I can haz halp plz?
Translate a chapter! Translate a verse! Every little bit helps. Maybe one day we will have the entire Bible translated. If you would like an example of good lolcat Bible translating, look at Job 1. Have fun with it, be a bit loose on the translation. If you'd like to know what pages need help, check out the Stubs page. For more please see our forums for more help, tips, and more!

Also, if you aren't too good at kitty pidgin, but are good with GiMP or Photoshop, we'd like to get some original illustrations for the Bibul. Feel free to contribute your own graphics. Make sure to check out the Guidelines linked to below.

After all, the Bible has already been literally translated several times. Time for our interpretation.

Please see our Guidelines for some information on how to best submit to this project.

Also, currently we are moving to a new verse style. If you would like to assist in this transition, please visit pages needing to be converted.
OMGWTF Store?!
More will be coming soon, but there are a few selections at the CafePress online store up for grabs. You can also suggest verses to see included!
We haz frenz, u can be wan 2!
The LOLCat Bible Translation Project has a community in IRC as well as here on the wiki. Check out our Community Portal to see how you can join in.
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