Leviticus 11

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Old Testament
Da roolz: sum food kleen, sum dirty

1 Teh Ceiling Cat saiz to Moses and Aaron,2 "Plz saiz to teh Izrulites: Doodz! To make cheezeburgerz liek awesumly, youz need to use theez:3 U shuld use animulz wiff hoofz n hornz and goes Moo (beefz cowz! lol).

4 Camelz dont mak teh good cheezeburgerz, wtf u thinkin man?!?5 Badger burgerz are teh sooper-gross 2!!!6 Wunce, I tryz bunnyz-burgerz, but tehy haz a flavor and it no r gud :(.7 Pigz r not for cheezeburgerz, unless they r teh BACON Cheezeburgerz lol.8 If u eated NE of theez burgrz, ur doin it rong wai u eated nasty cheezeburgerz? lol, u frow up now.9 Okiez, if u no can has wantz cheezeburgerz (wtf, y, r u hai?) maybez u wantz feeshez instead?

10 Fine, u go to teh Macdonaldz and u can has feel-lay (lol) O feesh sandy-wich.11 Eeew, y u want shrimp basketz? It r BLECH, trust me.12 It r serously DO NOT WANT.

13 O hay, go bai KFC, wen y go, kthx.14 But dont get orijinal reshpy, get teh x-tra krispee!15 Doodz, reely, only eatz teh chikenz.16 No eated teh eagulz or owlz plz.17 O RLY?18 Y RLY!19 Also, batz for baseballz lol, not for can has eatingz.

20 O hay, so lemme tell u aboutz bugz:21 Criket = DEELISHIOUS22 Grasshoppa = MOAR DEELISHIOUS23 Beetulz = BLECH

24 If u eet teh nasty thingz, yur teh stoopit.25 We - O I mean Ceiling Cat demands u take bath now, k?

26 Lol, dont be eeting othercatz harblz.27 Paws also BLECH. Scratch dog? K. No eet.28 I meen, serously, y u no eet cheezeburgerz noob?

29 O yah, evan tho we iz catz, u no can has ratz-burgerz eithur.30 U no can eated teh gecko on the TVz eithur, he can has save u monies on car inshurance.31 Oh noes! Who iz noob that spilled cheezeburgerz on floor???32 U gots teh speshul saucez all ovar mai new shirt! U go wash it now cuz no shooz, no shirtz, no cheezeburgerz.33 If teh cheezeburgerz falls into toilet, forgetz it dood.34 Toilet cat wunce tellz me that, 'It are still deelishus,' but I think it are BLECH.35 Also, plz to be carefullz with teh cheezeburgerz!36 Just eets them rite away, k? lol.37 Wtf man, we order friez with that!38 We Ceiling cat no eet cheezeburgerz that have touched ONYUN RINGZ, BLECH.

39 Wash yur pawz before eeting teh Cheezeburgerz noob.40 I meen, I iz watching u fap wiff teh same pawz!!!

41 O yah, like I sayz before: no can has cheezeburgerz that fell on teh floor!42 Ceiling cat sayz ther are no ten second rulez, lol.43 U eated cheezeburgerz off floorz? Lol, u r so ded, u noob!44 I am teh Ceiling cat, so be respektable when u can has cheezeburgerz.45 I am teh Ceiling cat, who watches u fap. So u shuld be happy I no post piktures on interwebz, lol!

46 Dese R da roolz abt all teh animables47 Teh wunz U can eet, an cannot eet. O fine, u can has cheezeburgr now."

Leviticus 11
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