Leviticus 10

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Old Testament

1. Nadab an Abiu litted they sensas on fiah, an smellies, an gived it to Ceiling Cat. Ceiling Cat was laik: “DO NOT WANT”.

2. Ceiling Cat eated them.

3. Moses was laik: “WTG Ceiling Cat! Ceiling Cat rox!” Aaron was laik: “…”.

. Moses was laik “Misel an Elisaphan, you gota git yoer rellies outta here.”

5. An they did.

6. Moses was laik: “You noes mak your hed nekid and tear cloes or eles Ceiling Cat will eated u. Ceiling Cat r mighty, all-eating.”

7. “You noes go out elles u gets eated, cuz u gots da holiez oilz on ur hed, srsly.” Tey waz laik, “yeah ok”.

8. Ceiling Cat was laik “Oh hai Aaron,”

9. “Aaron u noes getz drunkz and ur kittehz neither, else u gets eated, srsly.”

10. “Dis r so as u can has knowledge bout holiez an unholiez an cleenz an unkleenz.”

11. “An go an told da Israel kittehs alla mai stuf wat I tolded Moses”

12. Moses was laik, “ Oh hai, Aaron, Eleazar an Ithamar. Get that cheezburger frum Ceiling Cat an eated it cuz it r holiez srsly!”

13. “An u gotsta go sumwere HOLIEZ to eated it cuz Ceiling Cat sez so.”

14. An youse gota eated da cookiez sumweres kleen, all youse kittehs. Cuz its 4 u SRSLY.”

15. “All da cheezburgers an cookiez r belong to youse.”

16. Na wen Moses lookit all aroun 4 da sin gote, it had bene burnded. Moses was laik, “Do Not Want!”

17. “Y for you no eated in da Holiez plais wot r Holiez so you go prey?”

8. “An u dint taik da BLUDZ in da Holiez place neither, Do Not Want u Sinnerz”.

19. Aaron wuz laik, “Ceiling Cat eated da sinners and dere cookiez. Do Not Wanted. Noes can eated cuz I is sads.”

20. Moses sez, “Oh, OK”.

Leviticus 10
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