Joshua 8

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Old Testament

1 Ceiling Cat sez to Joshua, "Dont woree be happee. Take all dewds wif yu, an go to Ai. Iz help wif ur pwning of Ai, an his dewds an him baes an stuffs.2 Yu do to Ai an king liek Jericho. Onlee its monees an cheezburgers yu can has for yu. Yu get behind his baes.3 So Josh an dewds go to Ai. An Josh pickted 1...2...manee! Buff dewds an maed dem night dewds.4 An sez, "Looks, Yu can sneeky up on teh baes, in backs. Stay ready neer baes.5 Me an mai dewds wil coem frum teh fron. Den, Ai's dewds coem to get us, weez run.6 Dey'll fink weez chikins, an chaes us.7 Den, yu back uv base dewds can has teh win! W00T! Thanx Ceilin Cat~!8 Den burninate teh baes. Ceiling Cat sez so."

18 Ceiling Cat sez to Joshua, "Yu has a stick. Poynt wif stick at Ai, yu can has an Ai." An Joshua poynt wif stick at baes.19 Dewds go fast wen Joshua poynt wif stick. Dey in ther baes, killin ther doodz wif firebalz20 Dewdz of Ai lookeded. Visible smoek up to ceiling! Dey knew tey pwned, cuz scaredy cats wer jus fakin.

Joshua 8
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