Joshua 16

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Old Testament

1 an teh stuffs of teh kittehs ov Joseph went frum Jordan by Jericho, unto teh water ov Jericho on teh east, to teh wilderness that goeth up frum Jericho throughowt mount Betehl,2 an goeth owt frum Betehl to Luz, an went unto teh borders ov Archi to Ataroth,3 an goeth down westward to teh coast ov Japhleti, unto teh coast ov Beth-horon teh netehr, an to Gezer: an teh goings owt tehreov are at teh sea.4 So teh children ov Joseph, Manasseh an Ephraim, gots all dat.

5 an teh border ov teh kittehs ov Ephraim wuz thus: even teh border ov tehir inheritance on teh east side wuz Ataroth-addar, unto Beth-horon teh upper;6 an teh border went owt toward teh sea to Michmethah on teh north side; an teh border went abowt eastward unto Taanath-shiloh, an went on teh east to Janohah;7 an it went down frum Janohah to Ataroth, an to Naarath, an came to Jericho, an went owt at Jordan.8 teh border went owt frum Tappuah westward unto teh river Kanah; an teh goings owt tehreov were at teh sea. dis is whut teh kitties Ephraim gots.9 an teh separate cities for teh kittehs ov Ephraim were among teh stuffs of teh kittehs ov Manasseh, all teh cities with tehir villages.10 an tehy drave not owt teh Canaanites that dwelt in Gezer: but teh Canaanites dwell among teh Ephraimites unto dis day, an serve unner tribute yay.

Joshua 16
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