Job 7

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Old Testament
Job is a Long-Winded D00d

1 Aint lyf so booaaring? Liek u werkin at Walmartz?
2 Liek u sweatin for Walmartz, waitin for ur paycheks.
3 I's bord an unhappi liek dat to, for manee monfs. Nite tyme to.

4 If i's in mah comfy bed an says, "Wen i get up to eat?" it no be tyme to eat fer hourz an hourz. Rly.
5 I's got fees an tiks, an no Fruntlyne.
6 My dais is fastar dan Monorayl Cat, escept at teh terminul, der no cheezburgrs at teh snak bar.
7 I no be happi no moar.
8 O hai, eyeball, u lukin at me? U no see me no moar.
9 Liek a cloud goin poof, kitteh dat go down to teh Basmint no come up no moar.
10 He no go home. i ar serius. Dis serius vers.

11 I no STFU!
12 Is i teh oshun, or a lolrus, dat u has Surveylence Cat watchin me? Do i has a bullzeye tat00d on me sumwerz?!!1!
13 Wen i says, "i curls up in mah comfy bed,"
14 U pwne me wif scawy nitemairs
15 An maek me aks "i can has deth?" nawt jus fees an tiks.

16 I's dyin; go wai!
17 Wat ar kittehs, dat u alwais watchin dem from teh Ceiling an stufs?
18 Evry dai u watchin dem an maek a trubel.
19 Wen u gunna luk sumwerz els sos i can swalloh mah spitt? LOL
20 Evn if i lukd at teh pr0n, how can i pwne u, u peepin tomcat?
21 Wy cant u escuz me? i ded soon. Wen i ded, i gon. Sry.

Job 7
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