Job 38

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1. And teh Invisible Man sez in teh windz:

2. "OMG, WTF iz u sayinz? u iz a noob!

3. "U getz reddy becuz naow I asks u sum kweschuns.

4. "Wehre iz u wen I maded teh earths, ifs u iz so smart?

5. "Who sayed, 'Hay, iz gonna be tihs big.'

6. "Whut iz unner teh earths? Who maded teh grouns?

7. "when teh stars and stuffs were all liek 'Hay'?

8. "Who sayed 'Oh hai waterz, u stay here, k?'

9. "when the clowdz were liek, 'Hai, we iz looks liek teh cloths,'

10. "and I was liek, 'Clowdz, u stay here, k?'

11. "Srsly.

12. "Does u sez, 'Oh hai sun, u comes up now, k?'

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