Job 36

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Old Testament

1 elihu continud:2 "bear wif me lil longr an im gonna show u Dat thar iz moar 2 be sed in ceilin cats behalf.3 i git mah knowledge frum afar; Im gonna ascribe justice 2 mah makr.4 be assurd dat mah werdz r not false; Wan perfik in knowledge iz wif u.5 "ceilin cat iz mighty, but doez not despize doodz; He iz mighty, an firm in his purpose.6 he doez not keep teh wickd aliv But givez teh afflictd their rights.7 he doez not taek his eyez off da righteous; He enthronez them wif kings An exalts them forevr.8 but if doodz r bound in chains, Held fast by cordz ov afflicshun,9 he tells them wut they has dun— Dat they has sinnd arrogantly.10 he makez them listen 2 correcshun An commandz them 2 repent ov their evil.11 if they obey an serve him, They will spend teh rest ov their dais in prosperity An their yeers in contentment.12 but if they do not listen, They will perish by teh sword [a] An dye without knowledge.13 "teh godles in hart harbor resentment; Even when he fetters them, they do not cry 4 halp.14 they dye in their youth, Among male prostitutez ov teh shrinez.15 but dose hoo suffr he delivers in their sufferin; He speakz 2 them in their afflicshun.16 "he iz wooin u frum teh jaws ov distres 2 spashus place free frum restricshun, 2 teh comfort ov ur table laden wif choice fud.17 but nao u r laden wif teh judgment due teh wickd; Judgment an justice has taken hold ov u.18 be careful dat no wan enticez u by richez; Do not let large bribe turn u aside.19 wud ur wealth Or even all ur mighty efforts Sustain u so u wud not be in distres?20 do not long 4 da nite, 2 drag peeps away frum their homez. [b]21 beware ov turnin 2 evil, Which u seem 2 prefr 2 afflicshun.22 "ceilin cat iz exaltd in his powr. Hoo iz teachr liek him?23 hoo has prescribd his ways 4 him, Or sed 2 him, u has dun wrong?24 remembr 2 extol his werk, Which doodz has praisd in song.25 all mankind has seen it; Doodz gaze on it frum afar.26 how great iz ceilin cat beyond r understandin! Teh numbr ov his yeers iz past findin out.27 "he draws up teh drops ov watr, Which distill as rane 2 teh streams [c] ;28 teh cloudz pour down their moischur An abundant showers fall on mankind.29 hoo can understand how he spreadz out teh cloudz, How he thunders frum his pavilion?30 c how he scatters his lightnin bout him, Bafin teh depths ov teh sea.31 dis ar teh teh wai he governs [d] teh nashuns An providez fud in abundance.32 he fills his hanz wif lightnin An commandz it 2 strike itz mark.33 his thundr announcez teh comin storm; Even teh kattle mak known itz approach. [e]

Teh Footnotez

  • a - Job 36:12 or will cros teh rivr
  • b - Job 36:20 teh meanin ov teh hebrew 4 versez 18-20 iz uncertain.
  • c - Job 36:27 or distill frum teh mist as rane
  • d - Job 36:31 or nourishez
  • e - Job 36:33 or announcez his comin—/ teh wan zealous against evil
Job 36
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