Job 35

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Old Testament

1 Elihu cuntinood talking. he sez :2 Job, it not gud for u sai I mor right than Ceiling Cat.'3 And Job, you ask Ceiling Cat 'what will ppz gain if pleaz ceiling cat? wat gud d00 me if no sin?'4 "Job, I (Elihu) want answer u & peepz here wit u, kthx.5 Job, look to sky. Look at clowd. That be hyer than u. LOL!!1!!16 Job, if u eatz teh cookie, does not hurt Ceiling Cat. An if you eated the batch of cukeez does nothing to Ceiling Cat.7 And Job, if gud, no halp the Ceiling Cat. Ceiling Cat no getz teh c00kie!8 Job, wethir you maeks or eatz teh cookie only affect ppz like u! no affect Ceiling Cat.9 "If bad ppz get pwnd, they cry f0r halp. Thai go to powrfol ppl and beg to tem.10 But thoes bad ppz do not ask for Ceiling Cat's halp. They no say 'where is the Ceiling Cat who maed me?' Ceiling cat halps depressd ppz. So whear is he?11 Ceiling cat made ppz wiser then the mies birds and fish. so whear is he?"12 "or if thoez bad ppz ask C3iling Cat for halp then Ceiling Cat no ansir tem. y? cuz thoez ppl r 2 prowd! they stil think 2 importent, srsly.13 Ceiling Cat don't lisin to thair worthlis beging. Ceiling Cat all-powerfull won't pai attention.14 So Job, Ceiling Cat no lisin u! When u say u no c him. u say u r w8ting for chance to m33t Ceiling Cat and prove u inoesint!15 "Job thinks taht Ceiling Cat no punish cookee eaters, he think Ceiling Cat no pay attention to sin.16 So Job cuntinues worthless talk. Job is acting like he important, LOLZ. It's EZ 2 c tat Job does no noe wut he talk about, LOLZORG!!!

Job 35
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