Job 28

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Old Testament

1 Teh place dey taeks teh silvr an cleenz teh guld. 2=An taeks iurn frum teh urths an make shineh from teh roks. 3=Man him turned on light an lookd for stuffz but he no find thins in teh darknz, not eeben moor rockses. Or shineh. 4= Him diggd a hoel an hangd down but it no had no fud. 5=Teh urths sposed to hab food but teh rocks go on fire. 6=Blue rocks which no is gud to eatz coem out wit shineh dusts. 7= No birds see it wich gud for dem becuz ai wud eatz dem. No fud in teh hoel and me iz hngry. 8=Der be no naminals an no big kittehz in teh hoel. 9=Man brakded teh big rocks. Teh mounten iz nekee. 10=An man goez down teh hole and lukz for toyz. 11=Him folo teh watr to ware it start an digs up stufz should be baried. (But no is wut you tink cuz not baried bai kittehz.)12=Him trai to kno stuffz but him find no cept hedaek. 13= Man him finded tings from ded land but him no get that iz cool. 14= Bath say, "me no eatz it." Sink say, "me no gotz it needr." 15=You can no bai it eeben doh allz guld an silvr caem outa rocks befor. It praizlez an you no gotz enuff cash.

Job 28
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