Job 2

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Old Testament
Job talks to Saitan, adn ther is sum nakid guy.
Job getz teh challnge, again

1 On a diffranter day moar anguls cam and prezents themselfs befor Ceiling Cat, and Satan cam wit dem also.2 And Ceiling Cat say to Satan, "Where wer u?" Satan said bak to da Ceiling Cat, "Im in ur erths, woking up and down uponz it. Dint I tell yu dis befor?" And Ceiling Cat wuz like, "oh yeah, sry" and Satan said, "its k."

3 Then Ceiling Cat says to Satan, "Has u seen mai servnt Job? He can has cheezburger cuz he laiks me stil en he hatez yu still, even tho yu eated all hiz cookiez and killeded hiz servnts and stuff wit no resons. Haha!"

4 "Cookiez for cookiez!" Satan said back. "Any man wil giv all for hiz own lifez5 I betz if yu hitz his body and boneses he gunna cursed yu ugly face."

6 Ceiling Cat den say, "K, he iz urs. Jus dun kil him, that be bad."

7 Satan went out onto deh Erth and gave Job teh herpiz all over hiz body, even on hiz feetz and head.8 Job wuz nazty en he scrapeded off hiz sores and eatted them.

9 Job's wief said to Job, "OMG. Curse god and get dead, stoopid."

10 And Job wuz like, "OMG, joo ar stoopid. We accept cookiez from Ceiling Cat but dunt let him takeded teh cookiez away? Why dun yu jus go awayz!" Job dint not sin teh whole time!

Job's three frenz

11 Den Job's tree frendz, der namez wer Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, herd bout al teh problemesez that Job hads and they went away from der homez and met and they cames to makes Job feelz betta.12 When dey saw Job they saweded that he looked very ugliez and they say "Who diz ugli womanz?" and den dey saw it was Job and dey criez and stuffs. Den dey got nakedz for som reeson but I dun know wai.13 Den tey got down onto the groundz wit Job and staid wit him for seven days and seven nitez and they did no speeks, becuz dey saw how big Job suferin wuz.

Job 2
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