Job 19

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Old Testament

1 An den Job ansred:

2 Howz long uz gon trment meh an cruhs meh wth urz wurds? Srsly.

3 Uz haz humilitd meh liek 10 tiems nao wifout stopin ur lulz.

4 Evn if dats tru, i haz sinnd, and nead to beh forgivn nao kthxbi

5 if uz can has meh apprs superir to meh nd wud yews mi disgrace as evdnce against meh.

6 undrstnd dat itz Cieling Cat whoze has wrngd meh and can has meh apprs in hiz net.

7 Tho ai cri 'i ben wrngd' ai get no respnse; srsly; tho ai cawl foar halp, thar iz no farenes.

8 Him haz blokd mah wai so ai cant go by; him haz blind'd meh wif dark.

9 Him haz taked away mah leet an' stoled mah crowns from meh, srsly.

Job 19
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