Job 17

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Moar of wut Job Sez

1 I tellen you, I iz broekn! I can has grave?

2 They is all laughin at dis misfurniture kitteh here!

3 Hey Ceiling Cat, iz you listenin! Why iz teh other kittehs so stupid!

4 Well, you iz keepin them kittehs away from teh knowledge, I hope you knows wut you

is doin, kthanks.

5 Evn to each other, they only lie. They don't know wut friendz is.

6 But somehow I am teh one that gets spit on! Srsly?

7 It's liek I'm already gone. Like I iz jus a shadow, or sumthin!

8 An the few honest kittehs around here? They can't evn believe wut they iz watchin!

9 But those good kittehs won't change their minds about what they see, cuz they

stayin strong.

10 (Btw I could so pwn all you good kittehs too. Srsly liek if you wuz here rite now, o noes! Total pwnage.)

11 Itz liek I'm already dead. Everything I was fighting for is dead too.

12 I think I don't evn believe that teh sun is really cumin up tomorow. I'm skeptical


13 I think I iz gonna make my bed by my headstone tonite, k?

14 Then I could have a family reunion wif me dead relatives an stufs. Except there

will only be worms.

15 I don't evn know where is hope! Where is teh hope! Iz it under teh littr box or

somethin crazy liek that? Srsly.

16 I iz gonna rest in my grave, I knows it.

Job 17
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