Job 14

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Old Testament

1 mans comin frum ladiez is bad news r sumthin, k?
2 him is liek prity daizy but no1 lieks daizy so dey cuts him dwn, den him goes away.
3 nao lukit me n taek me wit u to judgment plz.
4 no one can maked durty thingz undurty.
5 him noes him dont gots long but not can do nuthin bout it.
6 u leevs him alone nao cuz he be sleepin n doin stuffs.
7 dis tree is maked cuz der wuz dis other one but it was cutted down n dis one is better.
8 an teh roots is liek stuk nao n so its gonna dai thar but o wells.
9 wate tho, cuz wen u puts waterz in it u maked it alive n prity again!
10 but mans dai n go away. but ware?
11 an nao ur see can has no waterz n all waterz is drai lol.
12 so nao u mens be sleepin AN DONT BE WAKIN UP KTHX n den u can has no Ceilings. NOT YOURS.
13 k so can u liek stfu dat iz heer plz til dey be leevin? i owes u one.
14 o lol so iz ded? wel mabey i can wate n be alife agin?
15 wen u is liek HAY im liek HAY WUT n den i do stuffs fore u.
16 k so i can has invisible error but u is lukin so mabey u no liek.
17 u can has bag uf mai invisible errors? lol wut u gonna do wit it?
18 mountins wuz liek brakin n fallin ovr n stuffs but its dun nao. i kleend it up for u!
19 an teh waterz be makin stuf wet n kleen to! so wai u is distroyin hope fer peepz? no fare.
20 u just bein meen nao D:
21 hay ur kids camed ovr but ur liek "wut?" so u dont get to c dem.
22 nao u gets pane n mornin n stuffs! roflmao jokez on u.

Job 14
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