Jeremiah 8

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Old Testament

8:1 HAY GAIZ bring dem bonez of dem Kings uv Judah, n uv teh princes, n uv teh priests, n uv teh prophets, n uv the inhabeebents of Jewrusalem owt uv teh ground.

8:2 Put dem in teh sun all spread out liek, so dey can see de moon, and teh heavens, n all the pwetty stars, whom dey hab luvd, n whom dey hab servidid, n after whom dey are walk, n whom dey sees, n whom dey workshopped: dey should stay outside too, don't bury them, dey liek little turds of justice on mah littur box, da urf.

8:3 N teh gaiz left will kill themselves, at least whur I been, so sayeth Ceiling Cat. Yay.

8:4 Say to dem gaiz, Thus spracke Ceiling Cat; Yuo gaiz gonna stay down or wut? U gaiz gunna turn de udder weigh?

8:5 Why u gaiz going backwards n stuff all teh time? Dem guys hold deciets, they said we no return.

8:6 I hurd, and was liek, YAY! Den dem guys were stupid. Dey were stoopid n00bs, always saying wut I done? Dey all went on course, liek a Horse! Yay, dat rhymes!


Jeremiah 8
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