James 3

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New Testament
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James 3
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Taming Teh Tongue

1 Dont call urself taechr if u aint a taechr cuz Ceiling Cat will be piszed off @ u, k? 2 We all skrew up in meny wayz. If any1 iz not skrewz up, he iz teh winrar n getz 2 keep all da cheezburgerz.

3 Wit 1 of da catnips we ken pwn teh whole cat. 4 Even rele rele big catz. 5 So ur tongue iz like teh catnip. 6 N teh catnip iz liek fier, n sets teh fiers of evul. It maekz teh good cat into teh bad cat, it sets teh cat on fier dat hurtz rele bad.

7 All kindz a aminulz r bein told wut 2 do by menz. 8 But ur tongue iz not 1 of teh aminulz cuz it has poizon dat will pwn u.

9 We ken give teh catnip 2 Ceiling Cat, or we ken use it 2 curse teh manz who r pretty much teh same ting. 10 Out of same cat comez catnip n a haerball. 11 Ken both cookie n cheezburger come frum same plaec? 12 No.

2 Kindz Of Smartness

13 Who r teh smart 1z among u? Let em show it by all dere humbel chezburgerz. 14 But if u r jeluz of other d00ds cheezburgers, dont tell any1. 15 Dis kind of "smart" iz not frum da Ceiling Cat, but frum teh earth. 16 Wen u r jeluz of other d00ds cheezburgerz, u wil lose all ur cheezburgerz.

17 Teh smart dat comez from Ceiling Cat luvz it wen all catz r kewl wit each othr n evrybdy lisN 2 each othr n evry bdy shaer cookiez. 18 Peacecats who sow in paec will raies a harvest of cheezburgerz.

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