James 1

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New Testament

1 James wuz a cool guy and he leiked Ceiling Cat and Happy Cat.

U'll B temtd, but hang in ther

2 And James said iz cool if we can has no cheezburgers or cookies,3 bcuz that makes us pwn more better.4 Dat makes us growed up kittehs.5 So leik dat was a little confusing mebe so you can ask Ceiling Cat for the FAQ.6 But don't ask anyone else cuz dey wont have the most recent FAQ vershun. Only Ceiling Cat, k?7 But Ceiling Cat is reelly buzy sometimes so u cant has cheezberger for sure. But sometimes u can.8 And don't be a spaz about it.

9 And, really, if you can't has cheezburger all the time I tink dats pretty cool.10 Cuz sum dudes has cheezberger leik every second and dats not so cool but its k cuz they gonna die.11 And leik, dey can have a billion cheezbergers but den they die anyway so who cares?

12 But if ur not all whiny and stuff bout cheezberger you can has powerups from the Ceiling Cat.

13 But leik dont be all jealous of the Ceiling Cat cuz that'd make him look bad and he's cool.14 But it happesn a lot so pay attention, k?15 Cuz when it happens ur gonna want cheezbergers like times 10,000 and den ur gonna die just wanting more cheezbergers.

16 So dont do dat, k?17 Oh and everting good that will ever happen to you is because of the Ceiling Cat. Now u see why I like him, lol.18 And he wrote that FAQ for us so we should thank him and stuff.

Lissen an den taik axshun

19 STFU when Ceiling Cat is talking. Also chill out, no TKs.20 Cuz Ceiling Cat NOT WANT yu be mad.21 And stop DL so much porn.22 But make sure yu unnerstand the FAQ before yu start playing around.

23 But dont just read the FAQ, do sum of the examples too cuz dey helpful. Peepuls who not do that is stupid.24 And leik, dont think ur all hot soup cuz you just read the FAQ.25 So leik, make sure you do the stuff right. Don't just talk about it, k?

26 Nobdy who follows teh Ceiling Cat can say bad things. Is not gud. Celing cat shoot you with lazer eyes. Srsly.27 Gud ppls follow FAQ and halp teh otehrs.

James 1
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