Isaiah 43

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Old Testament
Isaiah 43
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Song of Solomon Jeremiah Isaiah 42 Isaiah 44

1 Dis iz wut TopCat sez: "Ai maded yuz, mai kittehs. Don b scardeyCatz; don b afrad. Ai luvz yu; yuz r mien.2 Wen yu gose n 2 watr, ai b wif yu. Wen der b rain or fier, ai b wif yu. Yuz no drownded or b burnded.3 Dis all cuz iz TopCat, yur Ceiling Cat. Ai giv yuz Egypt-land an Couch an Sofa.4 Ai luvz yu. Yuz r prechus 2 me. Dis y ai protektz yu.5 Liek ai sez b4, don b scardeycatz. Lyk srsly! Ai b wif yu. Yur lil kittehs, ai giv bak 2 yu.6 Ai sez 2 mean peeps dat taek yur kittehs: 'giv dem bak! All kittens, giv bak 2 me.7 All kittehs dat r mien anna ai maded - giv em bak.' Srsy!"8 Yu gotz blind kittehs wit aiz? Yu gotz def kittehs wit eerz? Want!9 Let da nashuns gadder. Yu see dis coming? O rly? Yu gotz pruf, so da kittehs can say "srsly?"10 Yuz mah pruf, sez TopCat, mah servuntz what ai chuz to bleeve in me an unnerstan me. B4 me, derz no Ceiling Cat, and not aftur me needer.

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