Isaiah 23

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Old Testament

I profsize aboutz Tyre nao. K?

1 Teh furtun I maks aboutz Tyre: OMG!!! Meaow, boatz an stufs of Tarshish!!! Tyre wuz all blowd up an duznt evn haz deir litteh boxz!!! Cyprus sent dem teh newz frum deir toobz.

2 Srsly, stop talkin ppl! I haz stufs to say. U gais r all rich cuz of tradin wid teh sea kittehs, I no.

3 Teh kitteh food of teh Shihor kaim from dem big waturz. Teh foodz wuz liek munneyz fur Tyre. Nd den all teh udder nashuns traed wid her fur teh foodz so dei culd nomz dem.

4 Be sorryz Sidon cuz da sea sayed sum stufs: "I nevur maed teh behbehs. An I nevur had boy kittehs or gurl kittehs."

5 When teh newz gets to Egypt's toobz, dei will be srsly pissed about Tyre.

Isaiah 23
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