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To get those nifty little superscript verse numbers, you'll need to insert a bit of code before the text. It'll look like this:

|1=Awesome verse example.
|11=Man, is this cool.

This becomes: 1 Awesome verse example2 Man, is this cool. Since large masses of text are a bit hard on the eyes, it would be great to group verse into paragraphs as Bible Gateway has done. Most finished articles have implemented these techniques, if you need an example to look at.


To insert an indent, most helpful in such things as poems or songs, simply add a ":" before the line you want indented. Make sure it is not in the middle of a line, where it will not work. For a bigger indent, simply add more ":"s.


1 colon.
2 colons.
3 colons.
4 colons.
5 colons.
19 colons.

An alternative, which will work in the middle of a line, is {{indent}}. Feel free to use either one. They both leave the same size indent.


Section titles, present in some chapters, should be h5 headings, like the title of this section. These can be written with five equals signs on each side of the title, like so: =====Generic Title=====. It turns out as:

Generic Title

For any formatting issues not mentioned here, try looking for the feature on another page and viewing the code for it. It you can't find it, ask on the discussion page or try asking about it on the forum.


For help with the specific language and translation process, try reading the Guidelines or learn How to speak lolcat.

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