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These guidelines are to help the LOLCAT BIBLE stay consistent.

Chapter Editing/Writing

Try to Keep it Somewhat Clean 
You can use wtf/stfu as they are common in lolcat, as well as n00b. But other than that, try to refrain from cursing, l33tspeak, or racial slurs. Be creative if you need to say something unclean. Find a round-about way to say it. If it's not needed at all, then don't say it.
Use The Verse Template 
Check out Template:Verse for usage information. And try to group them into paragraphs as noted on the Verse Template Usage Page.
Do Not Use & Signs 
& signs should not be used. Use "An" or something similar instead. & Signs in some chapters make it extremely difficult to read when they are grouped into paragraphs.
Do Not Use ALL CAPS 
Even though lolcats tend to speak in all caps, the translation should be easier to read. ALL CAPPED LARGE BLOCKS OF TEXT ARE REALLY HARD ON THE EYEBALLZ.
Do not alter names. 
While some play may be made with ownership ("jobes" instead of "job's") let's keep names as they are in the Bible.
Play with the Text 
The Bible is boring, let's face it. Try to spruce it up quite a bit, put as much wrath and anger in it as you can, just like God Ceiling Cat intended!
Don't Abuse lolcat Jokes 
You can use lolcat specific jokes (cheezburgr, etc), but try not to abuse them. Chuck Norris jokes are also acceptable.
Create Original Images 
Try and be original. Photoshopping images would be win (say, a Moses kitty parting the Red Sea).
Use h5's for section title. 
Use an h5 when creating section titles. You do this by placing ===== (5 equals) on each side of the section title.

Page Editing

Keep Page Navigation Intact 
The page navigation for all of the books of the bible should already be setup and working correctly. Please try to make sure that you don't overwrite this, or modify it.

Common Word Translations in the LOLCAT BIBLE

Ceiling Cat
Invisible Error

If you have any ideas for more guidelines, feel free to post them to the talk page.

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