Genesis 6

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Old Testament

1 An' it did happn, when men begun 2 maek keeds on teh face ov teh ground, dey had dawters.

2 Dat teh sons ov Invisible Man saw teh dawters ov men dat they were fair; an' they "knew them" and teh dawters ov man said "PENIS GOES WHERE?"

3 An' Invisible Man said, meh spirit shall not striv wif man 4 evr, 4 dat he also iz flesh: yet shall his dais b hundrd an' twenty yeers.

4 Teh nephilim were in da earth in dose dais, an' also aftr dat, when teh sons ov Invisible Man came unto teh daughters ov men, an' they bare children 2 them: teh same were teh mighty men dat were ov old, teh men ov renown.

5 An' Invisible Man saw dat teh wickednes ov man wuz great in da earth, an' dat every imaginashun ov teh thoughts ov his hart wuz only evil continually.

6 An' it repentd Invisible Man dat he had made man on teh earth, an' it grievd him at his hart.

7 An' Invisible Man said, im gonna destroy man whom i has creatd fum teh face ov teh ground; both man, an' beast, an' creepin things, an' birdz ov teh heavens; 4 it repenteth me dat i has made them.

8 But noah findz favor in da eyez ov Invisible Man.

9 Thees r teh generashuns ov noah. noah wuz righteous man, an' perfect in his generashuns: noah walkd wif Invisible Man.

10 An' noah begat 3 sons, shem, ham, an' japheth.

11 An' teh earth wuz corrupt before Invisible Man, an' teh earth wuz filld wif violence.

12 An' Invisible Man saw teh earth, an', behold, it wuz corrupt; 4 all flesh had corruptd their wai upon teh earth.

13 An' Invisible Man said unto noah, teh end ov all flesh iz come before me; 4 da earth iz filld wif violence thru them; an', behold, im gonna destroy them wif teh earth.

14 Make thee an ark ov gophr wood; rooms shalt thou make in da ark, an' shalt pitch it within an' without wif pitch.

15 An' dis iz how thou shalt make it: teh length ov teh ark 3 hundrd cubits, teh breadth ov it fifty cubits, an' teh height ov it thirty cubits.

16 Light shalt thou make 2 teh ark, an' 2 cubit shalt thou finish it upward; an' teh door ov teh ark shalt thou set in da side thereof; wif lowr, second, an' third storiez shalt thou make it.

17 An' i, behold, i do brin teh flood ov waters upon dis earth, 2 destroy all flesh, wherein iz teh breath ov life, fum undr heaven; everythin dat iz in da earth shall die.

18 But im gonna establish meh covenant wif thee; an' thou shalt come into teh ark, thou, an' thy sons, an' thy wife, an' thy sons' wivez wif thee.

19 An' ov every livin thin ov all flesh, 2 ov every sort shalt thou brin into teh ark, 2 keep them aliv wif thee; they shall b male an' female.

20 Ov teh birdz aftr their kind, an' ov teh cattle aftr their kind, ov every creepin thin ov teh ground aftr its kind, 2 ov every sort shall come unto thee, 2 keep them aliv.

21 An' taek thou unto thee ov all fud dat iz eaten, an' gathr it 2 thee; an' it shall b 4 fud 4 thee, an' 4 them.

22 Thus did noah; accordin 2 all dat Invisible Man commandd him, so did he.

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