Galatians 1

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1. Oh hai! Dis Paul. I'z sent not by mans but by Baby Jesus and by Invisible Man that made him zomby.

2. Deer Galatians,

3. Peas and cookies 2 u from Invisible Man and Baby Jesus,

4. Who saved from sinz and rezqued u from evil now time,

5. And gotz gloree 4 eva and eva and eva and eva. Srsly.

6. I r stonishd that u reads otha book,

7. It not realz gosple at all. Sumbunny is can pervert gosples 2 confooz u.

8. If me or ne buddy elz preechedz more diferanter gosples than other gosples, they doin it wrong.

9. ditto 4 empathis

10. I am try to get cookies from mans or from Invisible Man? If to try to pleas mans, not be srvants of Krist, and that badz.

Galatians 1
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