Ezra 3

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Old Testament
Maeking teh Altur Gud Leik New

1 K, it taek leik sevun monthz foar awl teh Israelites teh go an has gud nap, thn they cum n maek srsly hawt party in Jerusalem.2 But Jeshua son of Jozadak n sum othur gais r leik "No wai!" n thay maek altur of Ceiling Cat of Israel an go, "Hai! Can has smokeh aminalz or sth," cuz it wuz sed by Moses the d00d of Ceiling Catzor.3 Even tho all teh peeps r scared an leik "ZOMG", thay maek altur n e wayz cuz they wanting teh give Ceiling Cat gud prezentz an stuff.4 Then they has feast uf tabbynackles where Ceiling Cat gets mor prezentz5 At teh new moon, they gives Ceiling Cat mor prezentz, and also sumtimes randomly they wur just leik "here haz gifts" and Ceiling Cat was liek "k".6 They also gives Ceiling Cat offerins on teh first day uf teh sevenf munth, even tho the tempel wuznt finnished.

Ezra 3
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